Chanel Hobo Bag With Gold Braided Strap Not A Replica

CHANEL bags are known all over the world as the epitome of luxury and elegance. Thanks to Coco Chanel, the inception of the brilliant design of the 2.55, now classic, handbag was well received by women everywhere. Since 1955, the CHANEL bag has influenced many bag designs to follow.

Unfortunately, the success and fame of the bags have also beaconed the voracity of networks of criminal entities who attempt to illegally copy and sell designer bags online. Replica manufacturers and shops dismiss federal laws in conducting their illicit businesses. Violations against anti-countefeiting and intellectual property laws are multifold in the production, distribution, marketing, promotion, and sales of replica Chanel purses.

Replica Chanel bags are illegal. Some people who buy and sell them have been known to remark that it is just a bag, and is harmless. But the truth is that it is not a victimless crime. Reverberations from buying a replica handbag can have a greater impact than is obvious at first. Here are a few of the not so conspicuous facts. Some replica products have been known to be produced from unregulated or mishandled raw materials that may affect health and safety. Replica bag shops have reportedly been routinely channeled profits into other criminal operations such as human trafficking, bank fraud, and terrorism. Replica bag traffickers have often been found skirting customs fees, import/export tariffs, and income taxes, leaving the resulting deficits to be paid by honest taxpayers.


To ward off the burdens that replica products impose on us all, it is necessary to make it known to everyone to stay away from cheap fake Chanel bags.

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