replica chanel bags flap sale

CopyHandbags, a former replica Chanel store, sold many replica Chanel handbags, including a replica Chanel Ligne Cambon Tote White with quilted lambskin and a prominent snakeskin CC for $145 (9.7" X 6" X 11.2".) The replica Chanel online shopping website claimed its "experts managed to copy the French CHANEL beauty and style without trouble." Despite such assurances that the products advertised and sold would live up to the quality standards for which CHANEL is known, they clearly did not. Once CHANEL was able to examine the products sold by CopyHandbags, it was easy to distinguish them from true CHANEL products. In particular, the Chanel handbags for sale via this Chanel shop used lower quality materials, poor construction techniques and inferior workmanship. Along with selling replica handbags, CopyHandbags preyed on consumers by selling replica authenticity cards with fake serial numbers and replica Chanel dust covers.

In March, 2009, the operators of CopyHandbags were ordered by a United States District Court to stop "manufacturing or causing to be manufactured, importing, advertising, or promoting, distributing, selling or offering to sell counterfeit and infringing goods using the CHANEL and Louis Vuitton Marks." The Court's order was ignored and the sale replica Chanel bags on CopyHandbags and other sites operated by the same individuals continued. Consequently, in August, 2009, the Court found the operators of the websites in contempt of its earlier order and ordered this domain name and others be transferred to CHANEL and Louis Vuitton.


Feelings of luxury, confidence, assurances and beauty that a CHANEL bag brings is only possible with authentic CHANEL. Whether it is a cheap stark black hobo bag for $210.00 or a CC charm red handbag for $200.00, replica handbags fail to provide those wonderful experiences. The many reasons will be covered on the following pages.

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